“Changing  The Way Businesses Develop & Deploy Their Talent”

E-Do Business Solutions provide structured leadership programs focused on both the learner (development of key leadership skills) and the business (completion of business challenges) to deliver an ROI that matters. All programs are supported by the worlds most powerful web application platform, Softools - delivering access to core business tools as and when required, providing visibility and control over the entire learner journey and maximising business outcomes.


Personal Development


People:  Pre-course assessment & tailored coaching to develop leadership and management skills - delivered through face-to-face & web-based executive coaching.

Nurturing Talent

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Programme:  We support the formal accreditation of key talent across the business to Management Levels 3 and 5 – aligned to the current business vision and goals.

Business Challenge

Performance:  We link learning activities to transformation challenges – delivering an ROI that matters.  At the end of the programme, learners have grown & business performance will have improved.

Smart Business

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Platform:  We utilise the worlds’ most powerful web application platform – Softools, to enable learning in the workplace in real-time, and embed best practices into ways-of-working.

The Softools E-Do approach combines conceptual understanding with the practical application of methods to address real business challenges - fantastic!


Clients range from innovative start-ups to sector leaders …

Reliance Energy

Our Technology

E-Do programmes use the Softools web application platform to:

  • Plan and Govern programmes from sign-up to ROI

  • Deliver online learning resources - as and when required

  • Track the end-to-end Learning Journey for each apprentice

  • Plan and monitor Business Challenges

  • Enable remote coaching by Subject-Matter-Experts

  • Report the return-on-investment to the Executive Sponsor - real-time